The Spring Pointe Program

Based on her knowledge of child development, Anita has developed the Spring Pointe 38-wk pre-ballet curriculum to foster children’s creativity and natural instinct to engage in artistic activities.  The program provides a structured framework and play-based dance movements, games, and themes that motivate children and make them excited to return each week to see what’s in store. 

Dance class structure

The dance class commences with a ‘warm-up’ typically in song-format using verbal and rhythmic cues, then moves to the ‘surprise’ element of class, when a distinctive prop and/or theme is introduced for that particular lesson.  Motivated by these teaching tools, the children are in a more receptive state to take on a very fundamental ballet concept such as ‘running on your toes’ or ‘straight backs like a bookmark’.  From here the seeds of classical ballet technique are sown, all cleverly disguised as we burst happily around with firework hands or grumpily wash dishes for the ugly stepsisters!  We then round off the lesson with a fun goodbye song, not forgetting to stamp our ‘Spring Passports’ to show what fun ‘travels’ we’ve made in our dance class this week! Don’t forget to bring them each week 
Little girls in costume at their ballet class
Spring Pointe logo

Program progression

In the first half of the year we explore what different movements are possible using different parts of our body (toes, arms, spines etc), as well as simple actions like ‘gliding’, ‘hopping’, ‘reaching’ etc.  There are so many possibilities and they are entrenched in a broad range of dance vocabulary! 

And in the second half of the year children are introduced to the story-telling possibilities of ballet, with a different made-up story or child-friendly ballet story introduced each week, in easy to digest morsels.  How lovely when down the track children recognize a picture of the ‘Firebird’ and know that the Firebird gave Prince Ivan a magical feather to help him in a time of need!

Aside from the props and costume accessories that change weekly there are new introductions to the format each term, to maintain interest as well as move with increases in ability and focus that go hand in hand with consistent attendance.