Thank you Anita. Darcie just adored Ballet :) She woke this morning and asked if it was Wednesday so she could go again!

Annie Lane (Darcie’s mum)

Anita at Spring Pointe is just amazing. My daughter adores her! I feel so lucky to have found her. I was looking for a dance class where my four year old could be just that, four. Anita has such a beautiful philosophy that shines through each week.  Her students learn through play, using their imagination and by having fun! Each lesson is filled with smiles and giggles, I can not believe how much Anita packs into one class and how much they learn.  As a parent it is just so much fun to watch, Friday morning is the best part of our week.

If you are considering dance for your child, go and watch a lesson, you will be hooked!

Carli (Mollie's mum)

I have been recommending your class to any mum who talks to me about sending their child to ballet. Your classes are different to any other that I have seen for this age group. You have managed to create a professionally run class which also has a safe, nurturing and fun environment where the children learn so much more than just how to dance. They learn about their bodies, how to express themselves through movement and facial expression and learn about the world around them. But they also laugh in the process! The children ADORE YOU! It is clear how much thought and hard work you put into Spring Pointe and you should be very proud of yourself and what you have achieved with your classes and your students.

Thanks very much for all your hard work, and the enjoyment you have brought to our whole family watching Phoebe grow through her dance.

Nerida Hillstone (Phoebe's mum)

Hi Anita,

... Thanks again, your classes are wonderful. I know I am missing coming along to them!

Lauren Pickering

Anita Kertland is a natural teacher and her dance program for preschool and prep age children is exceptionally well thought out and run.

The class is based on instilling a love of dance and movement at this young age rather than technical perfection. I believe this leads to a higher level of enjoyment for the children involved. Utilising the "treasure chest" each week allows Anita to build variety into the class to maintain interest levels, and the children are always excited to see new props available to dance with each week. While each week brings new props, the classes build on the same dance routine as the weeks pass. We also thoroughly enjoy the routine of hello and goodbye songs.

All children, regardless of ability are praised and guided equally. Anita is encouraging and particularly good at relating to children who are experiencing shyness, while still maintaining control of a large group of small children. Individual character and personality are encouraged rather than stifled to conform. Children are free to wear dance attire of their choice and express themselves in the "free dance" at the conclusion of class. As a parent the classes are engaging and delightful to watch.

Lauren (Monique and Olivia’s mum)


Thanks for the incredible classes you create.  Heidi absolutely loves coming, and I think I love it just as much! :)  Aside from your obvious skill and love of ballet, I find it wonderful to watch (and learn from) the way you can teach and elicit specific movements through the clever use of evocative language and fun scenarios. It's gold!

It's truly heartwarming to see so many lucky, happy, healthy little people reveling in the environment you create; you may not notice it as you're immersed in the children, but many of the parents are quite moved by the experience.  I feel so grateful to be able to access such a wonderful class - thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

 Leah (Heidi’s mum)