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Types of Classes

Me and My Grown Up

For 2-3.5-year-old children, a chance to dance with Mum, Dad, Grandma, or another loved grownup.

Spring Pointe

For 3.5-5-year-old children, who are now ready to dance just with Miss Anita, whilst their special person stays in the room and looks on.

Spring Pointe PREP

For 5-6-year-old children, who have begun Prep at school, and are ready to take on some more technical and refined aspects of ballet as well as an Introduction to jazz, tap and character. Parents don’t watch for this level upwards but we surprise them with our progress at the end of each term, with a ‘Presentation Class’.

Spring Pointe GROW

For 6-7-year-old children, equivalent of Year 1 at school. Perfection is not the aim, rather an understanding of dance vocabulary, elements of a typical class (including etiquette), co-ordination and musical comprehension. Ballet is our base, with tap, jazz, character, hip-hop, neoclassical and musical theatre introduced throughout the year.

Spring Pointe BLOOM

For 7-8-year-old children who enjoy the variety of the Spring Pointe program whilst still receiving clear instruction on ballet basics of foot articulation, turnout, and flexibility, clean placement, and the chance to really ’step it out’ with fun travelling steps.

Spring Pointe POISE

These 8-9 year old young dancers receive a clear understanding of class progression through stretching, barre, port de bras, turn preparation, travel and longer sequences.

Term Dates 2024

Term 1 - Tues 30th Jan to Thurs 28th March

Term 2 - Tues 16th April to Sat 22nd June

Term 3 - Tues 9th July to Sat 14th Sep

Term 4 - Tues 1st Oct to Sat 7th Dec

2 Convenient Brisbane Locations


We offer classes in 2 beautiful Brisbane locations in:

Newmarket: 58 Enoggera Rd, Newmarket QLD 4051 (St James Hall)

 Samford: 30 Main St, Samford Village QLD 4520 (Samford Farmers Hall)


Interested In Making It To A Class?


$170 per 10-wk term for Me and My Grown Up and Spring Pointe
$175 per 10-wk term for Prep
$180 per 10-wk term for Grow
$185 per 10-wk term for Poise

Children receive their own Spring Passport which they are able to keep as a memento of their dance lessons.