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Trial Class

For the first class your child is welcome to trial the class to ensure you are happy with the class and its suitability for your child. If you choose not to continue with classes, this trial class is not billed. If you do decide to continue this class will be included in your term fees.

Covid Policy

  • For classes 2-5yrs, a parent/carer is able to stay in the studio with your child.  However, please ensure it is only one parent/carer who attends.  Siblings are welcome if that one parent is the only carer available for them.  I understand you may need to have them with you.
  • For Prep age group and upwards, parents are requested to wait outside (Samford) or downstairs/outside (Newmarket).  If it is your child’s first class, you are able to view one class to ensure its suitability for your child, and from then on are requested to wait outside the studio.
  • All parents/carers are required to wear a mask when inside the studio/premises.  
  • I will wear my mask, removing it only if I am at a safe teaching distance from students.
  • Attendance rolls are taken for each class so I always know who was present, but please use the QR codes when available if entering the studio/space.
Should a case of COVID-19 arrive here’s what you need to know:
  • You are a ‘close contact’ if you have been with a person that has COVID-19 for more than four hours in a house or other accommodation.  As children are in the studio for not more than 1 hour, and we are being careful regarding distance and hygiene, it is not likely that any students or parents will be close contacts.  However, please inform me asap if your child is COVID positive.
With regards to term fees and missed lessons:

 1) If a student does test positive and has to isolate for 7 days (one week of lesson time, which is not dissimilar to having a flu or cold in previous times) the following will apply:

  • no refund or credit for 1 week of missed lessons 
  • either a video update of work covered or a make-up lesson will apply 
2) If a class needs to be cancelled due to staff being unavailable: 
  •  refund or a credit will apply                

Fee Policy

Invoices are emailed within the first week of each term (or straight after the trial class if joining mid-term), and are payable by the due date. Refunds cannot be made once lessons have begun unless for medical reasons.

The fee per term is $170 for Me and My Grown Up and Spring Pointe, $175 for Prep, $180 for Grow, and $185 for Poise classes, and is payable to:

Spring Pointe

BSB: 313 140
Account: 12056248
Please provide your surname as a reference.

For participation in a Holiday Workshop, no invoice will be emailed. Your child’s place in the workshop will be confirmed via email once the fee is received (see above bank details) and this online enrolment has been completed.

Public Holidays

Classes are held on all public holidays and pupil free days unless otherwise advised.

Class Attire

There is no set uniform for Spring Pointe and children are invited to wear the ‘ballet outfit’ of their choice. It is asked that they be neatly groomed with hair secured off their face, and wear leather or canvas ballet shoes.

Teaching Technique

Dance teaching requires physical contact with students to ensure correct technical placement and our teachers are directed to teach in this manner.

Parents to remain on the premises

Please be advised that our insurers require that parents remain on the premises for the duration of the class. Therefore you agree to:

  • Bring your child into the classroom and to the teacher, then remain discretely inside the classroom (or outside the classroom but still on the premises) for the duration of class.
  • Be available to the teacher in an emergency or if your child requires parental support.
  • If you do not remain on the premises, then you agree to:
  • Inform the teacher and ensure that she has your correct contact details should you need to be contacted.
  • Allow another parent to accompany and assist your child should they need to use the toilet during class.

Class Etiquette

In taking ballet lessons, your child is learning the basic movements of a lovely art form, as well as developing the ability to focus their mind and body. To help them do this, please help me to minimise distractions by ensuring:

  • Siblings who do not need to be present are not in the room.
  • No food is consumed.
  • Spectators do not walk across the middle of studio (go discretely around if necessary)
  • Noise is kept to an absolute minimum
  • You do not enter and leave the room whilst a class is in progress. You are always able to see through the windows from outside.

I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in your child when we do our best to keep their learning focused and calm.

Performance & costume policies

A highlight of our dance calendar is the End of Year Concert. The concert is optional. A small portion of the Term 4 classes will be devoted to preparing for each class’s ‘concert item’ so even if not participating, children are able to attend Term 4 classes at no disadvantage. The costume generally costs around $70 (this may vary slightly from year to year) and children are able to keep their costume. Adequate notice will be given for payment of costume and, once ordered, the order cannot be altered.

It may be possible, with an additional postage and admin fee to place a late order but no guarantee can be made. As costumes are ordered from catalogues, they may require slight adjustments to fit nicely. We are more than happy to provide details of reasonably priced, local and expert dressmakers to assist with this.


Health, safety, & medical policies

Spring Pointe aims to provide a safe environment to reduce the risk of injury. It is the responsibility of the student, parents/guardians to notify the teacher in the event of an injury or medial condition prior to class. Spring Pointe students are under supervision whilst in class time only. Teachers and staff are not responsible for students outside their allocated class time.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire, students are to follow their teacher’s instructions and walk to assemble in front of the building.


Spring Pointe strives to maintain a friendly environment for learning. We ask that any concerns be directed to the Principal.

Use of Image

Images or videos may occasionally be taken in class for marketing purposes. If you do not wish for your child to appear in such images please discuss with class teacher and every effort will be made to not include your child in such photos. Images and videos may also be taken at the End of Year Concert, which will be available to view and/or purchase should you wish. These photos/images may be included in the Spring Pointe website or Facebook page – once again please discuss with class teacher should you not wish for images of your child to appear here and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.