Welcome to Spring Pointe

Miss Anita is a trained Occupational Therapist and ex-professional dancer whose classes develop motor, sensory and cognitive skills in child-focused and motivating ways.


Play-based Class Material


Nurturing Environment


Kind & Friendly Teachers


What's Important To Us?


Engaging and Energetic Teacher

Children learn from people they like, especially teachers who can make learning material fun!

Child Development

Skills appropriate for their age group are being worked on and refined under the guise of ‘dancing’


Children's input being accepted and appropriately directed - they can come up with great ideas!

Fun Environment

A playful environment where children can embrace being themselves and be a child

Motivating and Engaging Classes

Children's attention is kept throughout by short activity chunks

Musical Variety and Foundations

Simple rhythms and hearing the beat of the music

How To Enrol

Spring Pointe accepts enrolments all year round. To register your interest, please fill out the enrolment form and we will be in touch to get you started.

Click here for a fun kids dance video!



It’s heartwarming to see these ‘littlies’ grow in confidence and ability each week. These little dancers learn so much about themselves, respect for and acceptance of others, as well as developing their physical and cognitive abilities through your well-designed classes and your kind, encouraging approach.

(Sue, Mae’s Nanna)

All children, regardless of ability are praised and guided equally. Anita is encouraging and particularly good at relating to children who are experiencing shyness, while still maintaining control of a large group of small children. As a parent the classes are engaging and delightful to watch.

(Lauren, Monique and Olivia’s mum)

Your classes are different to any other that I have seen for this age group. You have managed to create a professionally run class which also has a safe, nurturing and fun environment where the children learn so much more than just how to dance. But they also laugh in the process!

(Nerida, Phoebe’s mum)

I was looking for a dance class where my four year old could be just that, four. Anita has such a beautiful philosophy that shines through each week. Each lesson is filled with smiles and giggles. As a parent it is just so much fun to watch, Friday morning is the best part of our week.

(Carli, Mollie’s mum)

Thanks for your amazing enthusiasm and providing new ways of teaching dancing in a fun and positive way each week. Out of all the teachers of various sports we have tried the girls in, you are easily in the number 1 spot!!

(Erin, Tori and Elaira’s mum)